COPELION INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is coming from COPELION STUDIO in year 1994. We focused on Graphic Card design, memory module for PC and Cyrix586 Main Board. Since year 1998 to 2006, we were agency of some famous brands of PC product in Taiwan. Also, we co-work for sub-notebook PC to enhance our ability and technicality base.
In year 2007, we tried to enjoy more design and technology products; also, we love to create COPELION style for life in all of our products. "CONNECT TO US, CONNECT TO ALL" is our goal and target to service to our clients. COPELION is trying to lead "Life in design" and "Start in TAIWAN" for our vision. So, we setup three business units to try to service and increase more of COPELION style products by our mission. Three business unit are :
  • IT Products Business Unit
  • ID Design House Business Unit
  • Lifestyle Products Business Unit
– 1994 COPELION STUDIO, established in year 1994'3'.Design house for Graph Card and memory module for desktop PC and laptop PC and Cyrix 586 Main Board.
– 1998 Agency of Japan famous PC brands in Taiwan.
– 2001 COPELION Protection bags business start.
– 2004 Agency of Twinhead notebook product in Taiwan.
– 2006 Co-branding design of 10.6" Sub-Notebook PC
  • IT Products
– Notebooks, Key-components business, agency of some famous brands by WW companies
  • ID Design House
– Professional of Industry Design business
  • Lifestyle products
– Original design & Agency of some famous brands by WW companies
  • Brands expansion
– 2008 Agency of KOREA famous brand of Notebook PC products in Taiwan.
– 2009 Sourcing Business Div. start.
– 2010 COPELION new JS & JT series of Notebook PC to start to launch in WW.
– 2011 COPELION RMA,CSD, Purchasing, Production Center start. Focusing on "Made in Taiwan", "Service in Taiwan", "Design in Taiwan"!!
– 2011'5' COPELION LED Lamp series start.
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