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EntreX will make your life 'cheerful' by its products and new life style. You have never experienced such surprise and excitement contained in our humorous gift products and sophisticated housewares. EntreX realizes "young ideas and passion of the world" in the daily life and aims to spread 'cheer' to our clients and customers throughout our marketing.
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微軟公司成立於 1975 年,多年來在全球個人電腦與商用軟體、服務與網際網路技術上居領導地位。微軟公司致力於提供各種產品與服務,讓人們在任何時間、任何地點、使用任何裝置,都能輕鬆取得資訊。微軟在全球超過 120 個國家設有分公司,全球員工總人數: 91,259人 。
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Your bridge to excellence Datos Group including Datotek International Ltd., Informado (Taiwan) Corporation and Datotek Chile Co Ltda. in Chile, started as Informado International in 1991 and is now a worldwide group of companies that is committed to be your global service partner. Our promise is to allow you to achieve an unique and competitive advantage in the marketplace. And we are 100% customer-focused and dedicated to providing innovative, quality products that deliver profitable sales.
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Jet One is specialized in sourcing, procurement, disposition and distribution of CPU (Intel, AMD, Nvidia), chipset, memory (Samsung, Hynix, SST) , modules, flash, LCD panel and electronic components for personal & industrial computer (PC&IPC) products.

Jet One has established global HQ in Taoyuan, Taiwan since 2002 to launch the service on the international market. As a result of rapid growth, in 2005, Jet One opens an office in Massachusetts, USA . In 2008, Jet One opens another office in Shanghai, China. To provide our customers with best service and support, we have distribution centers located both in Taiwan & Hong Kong. Our service is throughout the world & the core areas include China, North America, Europe, Asia and East Asia.

Our team consists of experienced, professional, and reliable people. As a result of our healthy financial management and broadly channels, we are able to meet our customers and partners’ goals. In the future, we will continue to deliver the hightest level of services to our customers and create a new business model to achieve a win-win situation.
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