ID Design xHouse Business Unit
COPELION International Ltd. ID Design House Business Unit is focusing on fashion, creativity, fresh and modern design for products.
  • Professionalof Industry Design fields
  • Start at 2009'October
  • We do the best Design for Drawing, tooling, molding, CNC and mockup.
What's Our Benefit?
>> Modern Design
  • Assist our customers to create new and modern product of design.
  • Leading market is the best solution to our customers.
  • Outlook is not just outlook. It's all about our customer's outlook.
  • We have to concern about the outlook to drive product to be a leader in WW!

  • The actual and right marketing situation to get the right feeling and creativity for performance products.

>> Fashion to be our name
  • We only provide qualified design to our customer.
  • COPELION open discussion to get powerful and fashion specification and ideas to our customers such as IT field, Toys, Lifestyle product and so on.
  • Not just how it looks, but how it works.
Our Corporation

Critical success factor

>> Design Speed

  • Time is money, all customers are same.
  • Speed is our name too, racing game in business is need.
  • Not just to create a design, but how it to be a product and production.
  • Understand what is it be our need for future

>> Qualification Thinking Mode
  • What do we want? What do we need? What's new for our customers?
  • If we cannot accept it, we drop it.
  • No compromise product, no compromise subject, no compromise design.
  • Saving cost? Coordination the ID sharing with lower cost and high benefits for customer need.
Our Professional
– Experience in ID industry
  • Over 10 years experience in ID design.
  • Over 15 years famous of ID designer.
  • Over 10 years Products Management and ID coordination skills
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