Lifestyle Products Business Unit
COPELION International Ltd. Lifestyle Products Business Unit is focusing on Life product, Tableware products, Kitchenware, Wine and Liqueurs, Giftware, small electronics, Bags, Lighting and so on.
  • 2007'4 COPELION Lifestyle Business start
  • 2007'7 COPELION Lifestyle Net Shop open.
  • 2007'9 Agency of worldwide famous brands of Life products in Taiwan.
  • 2009 COPELION original design of carry bags start for sales promotion
  • 2010 COPELION new design of lifestyle product to launch in WW.
  • 2011 COPELION Lifestyle Team to increase to Lifestyle Products Business Unit.
  • Focusing on "Beautiful Life, Fantastic Lifestyle"!!
What's Our Benefit?
>>Enjoying Life
  • Provide the good design of finish goods to our customers.
  • Lifestyle is one king of art forms to our customers.
  • Beautiful life is coming from artistry lifestyle.
  • The actual and right design of life products to get the right lifestyle and fantastic motion.
  • Keep looking for the good and fashion, beautiful design of lifestyle products.
  • We only provide qualified product, designer signature products and famous supplier's product to our customers.
  • Unique design of products is our target.
  • We provide a free view shopping space for users.
  • Customer can get all products of WW famous lifestyle design in here.
  • Come to us, you can find almost you need.
  • Trustable partner can help you to get good solutions.
Our Corporation
Daily Use
>>Design quality
  • We provide high-quality article design
  • Understand what is it be our need
  • Check product finish in details
>>Product Position
  • Color, outlook, finish, material can decide the position of product
  • Not just cost, not just brands
  • Sourcing and analysis for our own lifestyle goods
  • Fashion, passion, safety for our life
>>Bringing more designer products for more value and presence
Our Professional
>>Experience in Lifestyle Products fields
  • Over 10 years experience in lifestyle products researching and product planning.
  • Over 15 years in design sense
  • Over 10 years Products planning and project management skills.
  • Over 10 years sourcing power in WW marketing
  • Senior relationship with WW famous brands and designers.
  • Over 20 years in Quality Control and Qualification majors
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